Let the Countdown begin!!


The Green Door Seattle is excited to announce our Grand re-opening, Friday, September 15th. At 828 Rainier Ave S. Thank you all for being patient during the transition into our new location. We are happy to be back in business and provide you with excellent value and service. Follow our countdown live at http://www.sevenlogics.com/apps/countdown/livecountdown/?q=5QOfdZgeWrInbyCHztfgVIj%2BSrpnoPq%2BSDqrkP1CFBp%2Bnq1PNALeuw3RxvwbXnLBbpDBKqyuHeh4qfTty7OGDN%2BKQxgCBYGlMSBN63QmnbEgVjUW1UUSSHgO%2FIaQRB04Rmzf4U9n4zCTkSYcBNyKH51LNRU6ID8qw5wsKnGEfBGfr6nJ4zS68GCv2ZiZJS3i